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How to make a gorgeous, high-quality chandeliers for your home

How to turn a shabby-chic chic-chandelier into a high-end chandeliest with some basic DIY techniques, like shoving a few of your own decorative pieces in the wall, and then installing them.1.

Start with the white beaded.

This is your base color, but it will be important to add a little bit of color to the white section of the white fabric.

It can be a very subtle touch to help emphasize the details of the room.2.

Cut the white pieces.

If you’re working from a design template, you can use your standard 3-inch square cut to make the white trim.

But if you’re making your own, you may want to use a wider, 4-inch-wide square.3.

Mark the white strip using a piece of white cardboard.

If your white fabric is 2-by-2 or 4-by 4, you’ll want to mark the strip with a small circle of cardboard.4.

Make the trim.

Make sure to use as much trim as possible.

Using a 1-inch piece of plywood will help your trim stand up to a slight breeze.

Using two pieces of ply will help it to stand up better to a breeze.5.

Apply a coat of paint.

This step can be tricky to do correctly, so make sure to read the directions.

You can apply the paint by hand, using a small paintbrush, or you can spray it onto your wall with a spray gun.6.

Add decorative pieces.

Use whatever pieces of white fabric you have lying around.

The trim can be pretty simple, but you can add some of your favorite pieces of fabric to add some flair to the room you’re decorating.

If there’s something you’d like to add, like an embroidered heart, you might want to add it to the trim, too.7.

Add the trim and paint.

You may want some extra space in the room to help hold all the trim up, but make sure it’s all attached to your wall so that you don’t get any loose pieces.8.

Add some decorations.

Adding a decorative piece can be an easy way to add something unique to your room.

A decorative table, for example, can add a touch of character to your bedroom or living room.

You might want a framed photo of your dog, or a necklace that you think will stand out in your living room or bedroom.

If you have any questions about how to make chandelies or chandelie art, don’t hesitate to ask us!