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‘The best thing I have ever seen’: The story of a woman’s battle to be a hero

A day after a woman on a motorcycle in a motorcade in central India died after being hit by a bullet, her husband was quoted as saying he had “no doubt” she was a hero.

The Times Of India, an English-language newspaper in India, reported on Saturday that Harsha Bharadwaj, her brother and father, had claimed that they had been shot dead by unidentified men, but had not disclosed the reason for the attack.

She was rushed to a hospital where she died.

The police have said they are investigating the incident, but no arrests have been made.

Ms Bharadwidj had posted a photograph of herself and her husband on social media wearing helmets and holding a police flag.

“She was in a convoy that was speeding along the highway in the evening and a man opened fire at her, shooting her dead in the head,” her brother told the Times of Indian.

The report, published in English on the newspaper’s website, said the husband had “absolutely no doubt” his wife was a “hero”.

“He was shocked by what had happened, he had no doubt that she was the one that was killed,” the report said.

A police official said Ms Bharathwaj was killed while riding on a motorbike with her brother.

“We are investigating all angles,” the official told AFP news agency.

“There are many questions that need to be investigated.”