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Debut of Debut Of The Debut Antler Chandelier From A.J. DeMarco and Chris DeMarco

It’s been a little over a month since we last heard anything about the new DeMarco-DeMarco Antler chambray, but today we finally got the chance to see how it looks from the inside.

The pair is a couple of months shy of celebrating their first anniversary, so it was nice to see them finally hit the stage with the DeMarco Antlers chamfered with the same red and white piping and gold accents that we saw on their debut album, “New American.”

The duo had previously been working on a pair of new, smaller, and more streamlined chambered models, which they have since been unveiling in a video and online preview.

In the video, the duo looks very comfortable on the stage, and the lighting is quite good, which we like a lot.

We are impressed by the craftsmanship of the chamblers, especially when they look so similar to the previous designs.

It looks like DeMarco’s new model has been inspired by his favorite piece of furniture: a wood-framed fireplace mantelpiece.

It’s very cool to see that the chambered Antlers don’t just look like a traditional chandeliers, but also a chandelerade.

It’s a big step forward for the brand.

The new Antlers are available now through DeMarco.com and will be available at select retailers starting Tuesday, February 10.