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‘Gothic’ glass chambray antler lamp

Gothic glass champagne antler lamps have a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, but now they’re getting a modern twist with the arrival of antler glass.

The lamps are inspired by the Gothic architecture of medieval Europe, with the chambers shaped like medieval chandeliers.

The glass lamp’s maker, The Lamp Company of London, said the lamps are not cheap.

They range from £1,500 to £3,000.

It said the price tag is on par with other chandelers on the market, such as the Gildan Chameleon Lamp from Germany and the Antler Glass Lamp from Sweden.

“The main difference with this lamp is that the glass is not a solid, brittle material like the chandelirs, but instead it’s a transparent liquid, which is a great addition,” The Lamp Co. director of sales, Ben Haines, told The Straits Times.

“The glass is a very unique element that allows us to create a completely unique, beautiful light.”

The glass champs have the look of glass and are sold by the glass lamp company for between £1 million and £2 million.

It’s the same as the glass chambered lamp, but this one has a different shape to the regular chambell.

It has a very wide base with a rounded tip that can be set with a variety of different finishes, including gold, silver, bronze, and a light grey colour.

The lamp is manufactured at the London company’s shop in Highgate, north London, but it’s the London-based owners who have created the trademark name, The Antler Lamp.

The company has been making chamfers since 2013 and sells them online at a modest price of around £2,000 per champer.

It says they have become the go-to light for people who need a more modern look.

“We love the fact that they are a bit more contemporary than most of the champs that are out there,” said Mr Hain, adding that the lamp was “one of the most fashionable champs”.

“There are so many different types of glass chams on the shelf.

People are getting the perfect lamp for different occasions and you can also use it for work, so it’s an all-rounder.”

The lamp’s makers say the glass light is “fancy and modern”, and is also eco-friendly.

“Our goal was to create the best glass lamp for people,” Mr Hains said.

“It’s also a modern and beautiful lamp, so people love it.”

Glass is such a unique element.

It has so many properties.

You can use it to make candles, lamps, a table lamp, or just to add a touch of colour and sparkle to your home.

“It’s not the first time glass has been used in a chandeler.

In 1842, French artist and glass artist Jean-Baptiste Mousseau designed the lamp as a way to “give a sparkle” to his work.

The lamps were sold in Britain in 2013 and have been made by the same company since then.

The London company has also made chambulas in the past.

Mr Hain said they had received an overwhelming response from people wanting to buy a glass lamp.”

You just never know what’s going to come out of the market.

We’ve seen a lot of enquiries from people from all over the world wanting to try the lamp,” he said.