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This is the real-life version of the ‘Swag Chandelier’ inspired by the Sia Chandeliers

You might be familiar with the popular swag chiseled off the top of a chandeliers that can be used to light your home.

These days you can get them for a good price from the internet or even get them professionally installed.

However, when you want something a bit more elegant, this emporium in central London has got it covered with a swag-chandelier inspired by one of the most iconic pieces of pop art.

The piece is a rose-coloured glass chandelerie that was designed by the artist, Sia, and was inspired by her most famous work.

The rose gold and silver swag that were made of sterling silver was originally designed for Sia to wear to the Grammy Awards in 2012 and 2013, but she later went back to a gold and black hue for the event.

It’s an homage to her work that will surely make your evening a bit of a treat.

The Rose Chandelerie rose gold swag can be seen at the gallery from £3,500.

The collection was designed to be installed at the house of the artist and is currently on display at the Art Gallery of London.

The artwork is also currently on sale for £7,000 from the website Art-Labs.com.

The Chandelery rose gold rose gold is currently priced at £1,700, while the rose gold silver swags are priced at a mere £3.99.

To make the most of your money, the swag is currently only available to order from the gallery.

To view the entire collection of artwork, check out the gallery and see more of Sia’s work.

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