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How to save your wedding rings with this handy DIY guide

By DAVID JONES, Associated PressROME (AP) — With a new bride on her arm, she looks more like a bride of two hearts, but the wedding ring is no ordinary one.

A ring that looks like a heart is an integral part of the vows and a way of establishing a family connection.

With the rise of the Internet, wedding rings are a great way to connect, find love and keep in touch with family.

So it is no surprise that they are becoming increasingly popular with brides.

But a new generation of wedding brides are getting a much-needed break.

For the first time in a long time, a growing number of couples are opting to have a small ceremony on a small scale, avoiding costly big-scale events that have long been considered taboo.

The practice is gaining popularity among millennials, who have grown up with a more independent and independent lifestyle and want to keep it that way.

That’s especially true for those who are still looking for a traditional, traditional, married relationship.

The rise in smaller ceremonies, with fewer people and less time, has come as traditional weddings are becoming less expensive and less of a necessity.

A handful of small weddings have gone ahead in Italy this year.

The first, held in September in the town of Pavia, is being hailed as a success.

It drew more than 100 people.

But it was a small-scale event, with just five rings and no elaborate decorations.

The smaller ceremony was held in an apartment where there were no other guests, and no guests were allowed.

It is an easy way for a couple to show their love, but also has some practical benefits, such as avoiding a hassle when it comes to wedding rings, such like getting a ring made and shipping it to the groom’s home.

It also avoids the awkwardness of arranging a ceremony at a larger event.

“A couple who has a wedding with a lot of people is probably going to need a larger ceremony with lots of people, because they want to get together and get married,” said Alessandra Sottschi, director of weddings at L’Arche, a wedding photography company in Rome.

The small wedding in Pavia was not the first.

There are dozens of smaller weddings happening in Italy each year, according to the Italian Association of Wedding Photographers.

“I think it’s going to happen in the coming years,” Sotterschi said.

“And I think it will be even more common in Italy.”

The new trend is also becoming more popular in Europe, where there is less demand for big-ticket weddings.

That trend is seen across Europe, particularly in France and Britain.

The French government has approved a law that will allow couples to get married in the home of their choosing, as long as they pay a certain amount for a ring.

In Britain, the government is considering introducing a similar law that would allow a single couple to get a ring to make a wedding ceremony more affordable.

The rise of small wedding ceremonies has also been seen in other parts of the world.

In South Africa, small weddings are common.

In the United States, the number of weddings on a smaller scale has been growing, said Mary Crouch, the director of communications for the American Society of Wedding Directors.

A large number of Americans are also having weddings that are small, which has also boosted the number.

In 2014, the American Association of Ceremonies reported that more than 2.5 million wedding ceremonies were held in the United State.

The average wedding was about 4,500 people.

It’s a trend that’s gaining support across the globe.

In Australia, the Australian government is also considering a bill to allow couples with small weddings to choose the location and venue of their ceremony.

And the trend has even spread to the U.K., where there are now weddings in which couples choose their location and location of their wedding by the minute.

The big question now is how it will affect the traditional wedding industry, which is already struggling to keep up with demand.

“There are so many people who want to do a small wedding, but they don’t have the money for a big wedding,” said Sotter, the L’Aquila photographer.

“It’s not an easy thing to do.”

It’s an opportunity for couples to do something different.

The smaller weddings are a way for them to have fun and create something new.

The small ceremony also gives them more flexibility when planning their ceremony and provides a chance to get to know each other better.

For most couples, it’s a lot more than a simple ceremony, said Sottola, the bride-to-be from Italy.

“They can take part in the process and make a new life together,” she said.

The new trends are not without their critics.

Some couples say it’s not appropriate to have so many small ceremonies in one small city, where people are afraid to make any mistakes.

“It’s just a little bit of fun for the kids,” said the