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When a storied antique chandeliers fell into the trash, they went to waste

ROME — A collection of rare and ancient chandelirs fell into a dumpster in Rome, and now, the storied Italian icon is gone.

The Rietveld collection, which was once a popular tourist attraction, was left in a dumpsters near the city’s iconic Rietver Straße Bridge and later in the city of Rietvig, according to local media.

The city’s mayor said the chandelir fell into “a dumpster, on the side of the road, in the middle of the night.”

The museum and local police are investigating the matter.

“The collection was part of the city, a museum, and it is completely in the public domain,” Rietvet said in a statement to the AP news agency.

“We hope to collect the remaining pieces of this historic collection and will start to restore it.”

In addition to the Rietves, the museum is holding a show called “The Last Rietvan” on Nov. 12.

The museum’s collection is part of Italy’s Rietvoort collection, a collection of the country’s art from the 19th to the 20th centuries.

In addition, there are the Riets, a group of sculptures by German artists and other works from Rietved, according the AP.

In 2013, Rietvaards owners sold the Riesvigs collection to an Italian company.

The company reportedly paid the Rievers $6.2 million for it.