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The Drum Light Chandelier is not for sale, but it will still sell for £100,000

The Drum light chanelier from The Drum will be sold for £90,000 after it was auctioned off in a record-breaking £8m bid.

The Chameleon, an eight-foot-high lamp that has been used in more than 70 films, TV and music videos since 1977, sold in London for a record £8.6m on Thursday.

The auction house, which has been at the centre of a £30m theft scandal, sold the chandeliers to a group of friends.

It is understood the chanels have sold for between £90 and £120,000.

They have a shelf life of 25 years and are among the most valuable pieces of chandelabilia in the history of the auction house.

Auctioneer Tony Krasner said the auctioneers’ first impression of the Chameleons was how “gorgeous and unique” they were.

“The chandeliest is one of the most striking and stunning pieces in the auction, and it is in the public domain,” he said.

“We were impressed with the design of the light, with the colour scheme and with the channelling of the lights.”

Mr Krasne said the buyers were “very well-informed” of the theft scandal surrounding the sale.

The Drum Light chandeler will be displayed at the auction in London’s Regent’s Park, where the British Library is based, until June 2019.

It was purchased by a private buyer in 2014 for £12.5m.

It was sold in November by another private buyer, who paid the British Museum £10m for it.

The sale was the latest in a string of high-profile thefts, including that of a large glass sculpture from a former school in Glasgow.

In February, a sculpture of the Virgin Mary from the Church of St Mary of the Assumption in the British capital was stolen, as were pieces of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s heads.

“We hope that these chandelils will bring to light the treasures of art in the world that are hidden away and in our museums,” Mr Krasnar said.

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