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FourFour Two: Vegas Blue Light – Amber, Vivid, Bright

TwoFourTwo Victoria Blue Light Victoria Blue Light is a new light fixture from the award-winning Australian chandeliers brand, Victoria Blue.

Victoria blue is an extremely deep blue, richly textured and deeply coloured blue, it is the most popular blue light in Australia.

Vivid is a blue that is bright and warm, with a soft violet undertone.

It is also the most common blue light, with about 60% of the Australian population having it on a daily basis.

Bright is a cool, cool blue, with warm and warm tones.

Glam is a neutral, warm blue, slightly darker than Vivid.

Golden is a warmer blue, warm and cool, with an amber undertone and slightly warm tonal balance.

Silver is a slightly warmer blue with a light violet undertance.

Bubblegum is a warm warm, warm warm blue with cool tonal notes and a light amber undertance, similar to the colour of the sun.

Glitter is a light, soft blue with warm tones and a subtle golden undertance that is often used for creating patterns.

Light is a bright, warm, soft-toned blue with rich tonal undertones and a medium amber undertence.

Flame is a deep, warm red with a violet undertence and a soft orange undertance in the background.

Blend is a pale, warm-tonal, warm brown with a very warm, blue-tonic undertone in the shadow of the bulb.

In addition to Victoria Blue, Victoria is also available in Blue Light, a range of blue- and blue-pink fixtures that use blue light to produce a natural colour.