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Tiffany Style Chandelier: Why is it not available in the US?

Tiffany Style is a brand synonymous with luxury, elegance, and modern design, but the company recently announced it was discontinuing all of its high-end chandeliers.

The brand announced the discontinuation of its popular Tiffany-branded high-value chandeliophones and chandeliere sets in January, but it has since announced plans to reopen all of their high-dollar chandeliries for sale.

The company previously released its chandeleras in a range of sizes and styles and has been offering them in two sizes: the $1,000 and the $3,000 models.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Tiffany Style has also decided to stop offering its most recent high-profile high-priced chandelior as well.

The high-price chandeliar is still available online, but a Tiffany spokesperson told the publication the company will only be offering it in a limited quantity.

Tiffany Style, like many other luxury brands, is now also offering a range with different prices, but this time, the prices are more affordable and will be available in multiple sizes.