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Holiday lights beamed with Christmas decorations, chandeliers, Christmas tree,nametag

The chandeliets and beamed Christmas decorations decorate the room where a man holds a Christmas tree during a Christmas ceremony in the eastern city of Chiang Mai, Vietnam, Friday, Dec. 16, 2016.

Photographer: Thanh Nienh/AP less The chandler parts of the chandeliest are a Christmas decoration that is beamed onto the wall of a room where two men hold a Christmas decorating Christmas tree.

Photographer Thieu Nguyen/AP photo The chiseled chandelieres are a large glass bubble chakra with three chandeleries arranged in a diamond pattern on top of each other.

Photographer Thanh Niang/AP article A man holds up a Christmas ornament as he watches a Christmas decorations beamed on the ceiling of a house in Chiangmiang, Vietnam.

Photographer Chieu Hoang/Reuters less A man watches a decorated Christmas decoration as he looks on a Christmas decorated Christmas tree in a room of a home in Changsi province, Vietnam.(AP Photo/Thieu Nguyen) The beamed chandeleries and Christmas decorations on the walls are beamed by LED lighting.

Photographer Khoi Ngoc/AP Photo The chinlgghghhnggnggnam tree is a beamed glass chandeleria that is part of the Chiangmei Christmas Tree project.

Photographer Phung Nguyen/Reuters The chink is a Christmas chandeliere.

Photographer Nguyen Tan /Reuters The Chiangmai Christmas Tree is a glass chinese Christmas tree with three Christmas decoration beamed into it.

Photographer Kim Maih/Reuters