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How rustic rustic Chandelier Fans Will React When They Receive Their Rustic Rustic Chairs

The NHL has a new set of Rustic-inspired fans who will soon be in attendance at their games.

The Pittsburgh Penguins will have their first Rustic Rusty Chairs when they face the Carolina Hurricanes at CONSOL Energy Center in Raleigh, North Carolina on Tuesday, May 3.

The Rustic Series of Rustics, as the NHL is calling it, is designed to be a fan experience unlike any other.

Fans can sit back, enjoy the game and enjoy the team’s home games.

“We wanted to bring fans from across the country together to watch the Penguins play, to watch Penguins games and to see the games in person,” said Pittsburgh Penguins President of Hockey Operations/General Manager Jim Rutherford.

“This is a great opportunity for us to build our relationship with fans and bring them a truly unique experience, one that is unlike anything they have ever experienced before.”

The Rustics are an initiative of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

It is a way for the organization to connect with fans in a different way than ever before.

The NHL announced in September that it is bringing its franchise into the world of the Rustics.

The Penguins are expected to join a new partnership with the National Hockey League, which will launch a brand new Rustic series in 2018.

The Penguins are hoping to get a number of Rusticas out in their respective cities.

The NHL announced the first Rustica will be on display in the Pittsburgh Civic Auditorium on May 9, with the second Rustica set to open in the Wells Fargo Center on May 15.

The rustic fans will be able to pick up their Rustic rustica chairs from the Penguins Official Store at CONSO Energy Center.

Rustic fans can also purchase Rustic merchandise at Conso Energy Center, including apparel, toys, and other collectibles.

Pittsburgh Penguins Official Site: https://www.penguins.com/rustic-series