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The 10 Most Influential People In The World 2017

Next Big Futures: 10 Most Powerful People In THE WORLD 2017.

The list was compiled by The Future and was published today.

The 10 Most Important People In WORLD 2017 are: (1)The US President, Donald Trump, who has been at the top of the world power rankings for decades and is the most powerful man in the world.

The US is a superpower because of the military, financial and technological power that comes with it.

The military and the military-industrial complex are deeply intertwined, and the US military is a massive economic and military machine.

Trump’s military dominance is unprecedented in modern history.

He has led the US into war multiple times and his military has continued to grow exponentially.

He’s been in power for over a year, has repeatedly bombed Syria, and has ordered the bombing of North Korea, a country that is under UN sanctions.

The US has been the most important player in world affairs for decades.

The most powerful countries in the Western Hemisphere are the US and Russia.

The World Bank ranks the US fourth most important country in the global economy.

The Bank estimates the US to be the third largest economy in the OECD.

It also ranks the Chinese economy second in the developed world, and ranks Brazil and India second.

The Trump administration has cut funding to many agencies and programs critical to climate change.

It has also threatened to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change, which aims to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Trump’s presidency has already triggered mass protests in the US.