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Champagne: Champagne Chandeliers get a facelift

Champagne has been the target of many lawsuits over the years.

Most recently, the makers of the chandeliered luxury champagne called for a $5.9 million fine in a class-action lawsuit against New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo.

The company said it was paying for new glass that was twice as thick and three times as thick as the previous version, but that it would have to pay a $3 million fine for any violation of state law.

The suit alleged that Champagne’s glass “did not meet its manufacturer’s standards” and that the company was violating New York’s “consumer protection laws.”

The company is not a party to the suit.

Champagne, which is based in California, is known for its sparkling, white wines and is now known for making the champagne that is sold at wine festivals around the world.

Champagne is one of the largest wine producers in the world and accounts for more than 90 percent of its annual production.

It has a $60 billion business, and the company employs some 8,000 people worldwide.

The Champs was founded in 1875 and was acquired by Domaine de Château Lafite in 2012.

It is now owned by the Champagne Group, a conglomerate of companies based in the U.S.

The chandelierered glass was designed by the renowned French architect Jean Nouvel.

In the 1980s, the Champs Châtillon, which features a large chandelette that extends around the base of the wine glass, was bought by the company in 2009.

The glass is now part of the company’s new chandeliestane estate, which will be opened this fall.