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Why is a conservative-backed plan to save the Crystal Chandelier so unpopular?

By Dan SavageThe conservative group American Values and its PAC, American Future Fund, have proposed a plan to replace the chandeliers in the Capitol dome with solar panels, which would provide enough power to keep the building humming and maintain its current color scheme.

It is part of an effort by conservative lawmakers to use a tax-cut measure to help pay for the replacement of the dome, which has been in use since 1791.

The plan is part a broader effort by the American Conservative Union to push for a conservative alternative to the status quo.

In September, the organization endorsed a proposal by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to replace old granite domes with solar-powered models.

The plan, which is currently being considered by the Senate Finance Committee, would cost $250 million and take two years to build.

The project would be funded by a tax cut for corporations and businesses.

The bill would also eliminate a tax deduction for individuals.

In his own interview with ABC News, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R) said the GOP plan would be “ridiculous” because “a lot of the energy that we use, and a lot of our money is consumed on things that we don’t need to be used for.”

“It’s just going to be a lot more wasteful and inefficient,” Gohmedt told ABC News.

In the same interview, Gohmeren said the new models would be able to handle the same amount of power, “which will be great for our children.”

“We need to take care of our country.

We need to have energy and we need to do things that help people.

But we’re not going to waste any more money,” he added.

While the bill is controversial among conservative lawmakers, it has received some praise from some in the GOP.

A group of Republican senators has endorsed the plan, calling it a “historic bipartisan deal” that would bring Americans “back to basics.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R), a Kentucky Republican, tweeted that he would support the plan.

“I’m going to work hard to support the new solar panels to help keep the Capitol’s lights on,” he tweeted.

Sen. Ted Yoho (R, R-Fla.) tweeted that his bill “would have no negative impact on our electric grid.”

The American Values PAC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.