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What if you could go out to a candle château in your backyard?

The idea of decorating your home with a candle is an American tradition, dating back to colonial times.

And while many American cities have their own candle chateaux, the idea is gaining traction in Europe.

The idea of chandeliers as a way to decorate your home is gaining popularity in Europe, according to a report from Quartz, and the idea of creating a unique and decorative candle is being embraced by some European cities.

The chandelies would be set to a music or visual presentation, the site reports.

This is how the chandelieres are described in an Instagram post from Amsterdam, which is currently the biggest city in the Netherlands.

“The main idea behind the chaneliers is that it is a way of making a home, which can be quite unique and beautiful.

It is also a way for people to enjoy a beautiful and peaceful home,” the post says.

The chandelerie is currently on sale for €150 ($170), which isn’t cheap for an American.

It’s still unclear how the lamps would be installed, though some ideas are already being floated:In France, some of the largest candle makers are also planning their own chandeliere projects.

The L’Artisan de l’Atelier de Paris, for example, is building a chandelette of its own for $1 million.

And in a statement on its Facebook page, the Paris-based company said it is considering opening a candle shop in Amsterdam.

“We want to offer candles in the form of a chanelle, and also a chancha, which are candles with a very nice shape and a very beautiful finish.

We want to create a unique experience for the customers,” the statement said.