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A Christmas Tree for the Heart

Dubliners will have a new Christmas tree for their hearts at the Christmas event in the capital.

The City of Lights has opened a new Holiday Tree Garden, which is the first of its kind in the country.

The Christmas Tree Garden is part of the City of Light’s annual Christmas celebration, and features a tree of more than 40,000 trees with the colour green and the word “Holiday” painted on them.

It is the city’s first ever green Christmas tree.

The trees have been placed in the garden at St Patrick’s Church, St Patrick Street and St Patrick Square in Dublin.

It was created with the assistance of The Dublin Botanical Gardens and will be open for the entire Christmas season from January 14 to November 29.

The Dublin City Council said the Christmas Tree will be opened at 7.00am on January 14 and remain open for public viewing for up to two hours from that time.

“It will be the perfect Christmas tree in terms of the colour and size,” said a spokeswoman for the City’s Tree Garden.

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