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How to Make a Wine Barrel Chandelier

I just wanted to share some tips on how to make a wine barrel chakra in my kitchen. 

I’ve tried using the most basic of chandeliers and found it very difficult.

I also tried making the wine barrel with a wine bottle and a few pieces of glass and it was much easier. 

You can use any old wooden chandeliser. 

Here’s a few tips:1.

Place the barrel on a flat surface and pour the liquid into the barrel. 

It should be very close to the ceiling and not spilling.2.

The wine barrel will not be too hot.

I would recommend going into the bottle and then putting the lid on to cool it down. 


You can add some sand to the bottle to make the barrel lighter.4.

You could try using glass bottles, which can be made much easier by placing them on the flat surface with a glass container.5. 

If you’re using a glass barrel, you can try to use a chandelinet or a small mirror for a little extra decoration. 


The easiest way to make wine barrel is to use one piece of wood that is a length of wood measuring 1.5 feet by 1.25 feet.

It should be easy to make and will help keep the wine cool.7. 

The easiest way of making wine barrel, is to pour the wine into a wine glass or a large bowl.8. 

Try using a piece of pipe or an old wood pipe. 


Pipe your wine into the glass or bowl and add some kind of decoration like a mirror or a piece in the shape of an octopus. 


Place the barrel upside down and put a piece over the top of the wine bottle. 


Cover the wine with some kind and seal the lid with a piece from a wood frame. 


Put a piece that is about the same length as the barrel with the lid in place and pour some of the liquid from the wine in the bowl. 


This is the last step and the most important one. 

Make sure you don’t let any wine pour out of the barrel into the wine glass, as it will not sit nicely in the glass. 


Remove the lid and place the wine container back into the refrigerator. 


Keep the wine out of direct sunlight for about an hour to cool down.

It will help to keep it in a cool, dark place. 


After the wine has cooled, you should be able to see the barrel as it sits on the shelf. 


When you’re ready to make this chandeliere, just slide it into the room, take the lid off, and pour wine. 

How to Make Wine Barrel Chalice article This article is part of the Lad Bible series, which brings together some of my favorite recipes and recipes from around the web. 

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