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How to make the perfect ring in your bathroom sink

With every shower and bath, I’ve made a point of washing my shower or shower stall and putting a few towels on the floor to soak up any excess water.

But the more times I did this, the more I found myself wishing that I had made a more simple, but elegant, ring.

A simple, elegant ring, right?

So I thought, “What if I made a ring that was a little bit more elegant, but still had a lovely design?

How about a pink ring?

I was thinking about a different way of putting a rose on the ring, and this inspired me to think about the rose-red color scheme for the rose, which is pretty much the default color for rose rings.

So, to give this simple ring a bit more polish, I chose to go with an interesting rose-blue color scheme.

I love how this ring looks with a white background.

The rose on this ring is pretty subtle, but it really helps it stand out from the other rings I’ve done recently.

Here, the rose on a pink rose-green ring.

In the next video, I will be sharing with you my secret to creating a beautiful rose ring in under 30 minutes.

Stay tuned!