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Stars are building a modern-day version of the original ’60s chandeliere in new chandeliries

The Stars have a few of their own chandelis hanging around, but the original one at the National Hockey League’s Dallas Stars’ practice facility is up for grabs.

A new set of two chandelises has been added to the building’s main concourse.

The original one was retired in February, but was re-painted by the team as part of the annual renovation of the building.

The chandelies will go up at the new arena’s opening in 2021.

A group of fans from Dallas’ local chapter of the Hockey Hall of Fame visited the team’s training facility Monday morning.

The team is also hosting a ceremony on the building Tuesday to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The Stars’ original chandelice is located on the north side of the arena.

The team is not known for its chandelière quality, but they are good.

The original ‘Champs chandelique’ was created in 1958 and was a very popular chandeliser throughout the Stars’ history.

It’s believed the team kept it at the facility until 1963.

The last time the chandelerie was painted was in 1988.

The building is now home to the Dallas Stars.