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A dad in his 90s tells his story

A dad from his 90 years is speaking out to warn of the dangers of internet porn.

In a chilling video from his home, Bob Brown explains how the internet is affecting his son, Michael Brown, who suffers from autism and cerebral palsy.

In it, Mr Brown tells his son’s story of being locked out of his bedroom, having his bedroom door left unlocked, and a woman who had a baby on the internet.

“I’ve got my phone out and I’m talking to my son, who’s in the bedroom and I say, ‘What’s up, Michael?

Michael, what’s up?'”

He said Michael had been locked out since he was 14 years old and had to spend months sleeping on the couch while his parents went out for a weekend.

“She came out and she had a little baby on Skype and I said, ‘Oh, my God, she’s sleeping on Skype’.”

Then she said, oh, she can’t come out.

I said: ‘No, you can come out.’

“Michael’s bedroom door is open, she hasn’t seen him in a long time, she was in a very, very bad mood.”

And I was thinking, well, maybe he’s not really awake.

I mean, what else could have happened?

“She comes out and walks in the room, I’m thinking, oh my God.”

Mr Brown’s son, now aged 14, has autism and is on a disability benefit.

“They can’t even lock the door in, they can’t lock the bed, they just walk in,” Mr Brown said.

“Michael just walks in, and he goes ‘Oh my God’.”

He’s just looking at the screen, and I go ‘Dad, what is going on?’.

“I don’t know what’s going on.

It’s just really scary.”

Mr Smith’s mother is also in the video, sharing her own story.

“He goes to sleep, he wakes up and the door is left unlocked and I am thinking, he’s going to be home tomorrow morning,” she said.

In another video, Mr Smith’s mum explains how she and her partner decided to take Michael to hospital for treatment, fearing he would be in too much pain.

“We went to hospital and he was so upset, he was just screaming and he said, he had an incision on his forehead,” she says.

“My partner was just like, ‘We can’t do this.'”

I said ‘Oh no, it’s OK, we can’t go through with this.’

We had to come with the baby out.

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