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Why the ‘I Love You, Honeymoon’ Earrings Were A Big Surprise

The “I Love you, Honeymoons” earrings are now a $10,000 item on eBay, with the seller listing two pieces worth about $10K.

The earrings, which are reportedly handmade, are believed to have been made in China.

While we’ve seen the earrings featured in celebrity photos before, they’re the first to be on sale for this amount.

We know because one of the earring holders, which is described as a “vibrating ring, necklace, and earrings,” fetched $3,500 on eBay last week.

While the ear rings are now up for sale on eBay for a higher price, we still have a few questions.

Who is selling these earrings?

What are they made of?

How much do they cost?

What are the ear jewelry makers doing with these ear rings?

The earrings were reportedly made in the early ’80s and are believed, at this point, to be handmade.

The seller says that “The pieces were made in a small workshop in China,” which could be the reason they sold for so much.

They do not say exactly what the pieces are made of, but we’ve heard that they’re “cotton-dyed” or “platinum-plated,” and are made in either bronze or platinum.

They are described as “made from pure silver,” and have a “polished and polished surface,” according to the seller.

The seller also describes the ear ring holder as “vibra” in the description.

That’s not a bad description, but it’s not clear if the ear holders are made from silver, platinum, or some other solid metal.

What’s more, the seller doesn’t say how much each piece is worth.

The sellers description states that “they are very limited and will be sold out.”

The seller does mention that they are not currently accepting offers for the ear holder, so we’re not sure how the earholders are getting in on the fun.

The earring holder pictured here is a “small workshop in a country with high standards of quality”The seller says in their description that “These pieces are a beautiful tribute to a long-lost lover.”

The earring maker is apparently based in Shenzhen, which seems to make sense given that the seller’s description is “a small workshop” and “a beautiful tribute” to a “long-lost love.”

The ring is “made of pure silver, which means they have a beautiful surface that is polished and polished.”

If this is the case, the earpieces are worth about twice what they are listed as on eBay.

It’s unclear whether these earring earrings will ever be on store shelves.

The buyer who bought them was a man in his early 20s.

The buyer did not offer a price, and no further information was given.

If this seller is genuine, this would be the first time we’ve ever seen a “limited edition” earring sold on eBay with such a high price.

The original earrings sold for a whopping $30,000 in 2014, so the “limited editions” earthing is not a new trend.

The “limited Edition” earings have been sold off on eBay before, and some sellers have gone as high as $150,000.